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Forces exerted on reinforced concrete or masonry construction buildings through initial curing, stress movement, vibration, settlement and often poor construction can lead to formation of cracks or voidage. Inevitably these will lead to water penetration and the selection of the most appropriate injection resin, grout or elastomeric bandage is where our many years of leak sealing experience are crucial.

Historically the defects listed would lead to breaking out and reinstatement or at worst complete removal and reconstruction.

Apollo Industrial Services Division offers clients a number of services each chosen to fit the specific requirements:

  • Pressure Grouting. Both chemical and cementitious grouting is carried out by Apollo ISD for filling structural voids and strengthening foundations.
  • Resin Injection. Cracks in concrete structures can often be repaired using low viscosity epoxy resins, injected under controlled pressure. This method provides a mechanical bond and restores structural integrity.
  • Leak Sealing. A specially developed extension of pressure grouting techniques provides a permanent solution to water leakage into tunnels, basements and other underground structures.

Apollo ISD often utilises these techniques in parallel to concrete repair works as generally these problems are usually inherently related in terms of root cause and end consequence for our clients. Our dedicated crew are trained applicators of a number of major manufacturers and we can offer an unbiased solution to the client’s needs.

Our approach includes:

  • Identification of the root cause
  • Selection of the most appropriate technology
  • Injection/Grout plan
  • Execution and monitoring of the works

Apollo Industrial Services Division is an experienced applicator and our projects include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-Storey Basements
  • Sea water outfall intake channel
  • Storage tanks
  • Newly Constructed Sewage mains
  • Pit repairs


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