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Floors are an important element of many facilities, they provide:
  • Protection to the structure against deterioration,
  • A reliable surface for the placement of equipment
  • A non-skid surface for safe and efficient movement of personnel and machinery.
  • Clear markings for access and designation purposes

However, if your floors are not up to the task, they can also be a liability requiring frequent repair and maintenance; thereby, resulting in excess cost and downtime. That's why it is so important to choose a contractor that really knows industrial flooring...Apollo Industrial Services Division.

Apollo ISD has over 12 years of experience applying all kinds of flooring from epoxies and polyurethanes to screeds, and has adopted both self-levelling and troweled techniques, in a wide range of available textures and colours. We have the expertise to be able to specify the right material to protect the substrate of your new floor against corrosion, contaminants, or abrasion. We have all the necessary equipment for the proper preparation of the substrate, including; Captive Blast Machine, Grinders, just to name a few.

Our expertise has enabled us to work on projects such as:

  • Airport Maintenance Hangers,
  • Shipyard Warehouses,
  • Fire Stations,
  • Car Park floorings
  • Helideck flooring in for offshore Installations

In summary, we can offer you maximum efficiency, minimum downtime, and increased longevity for your floors.



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