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Coatings and Linings

Apollo ISD has almost two decades of experience in coatings and linings as this was the original business focus of the division. We are set up for abrasive blasting services as well as most types of coating applications... ( Read More... )

Resinous Floorings

Floorings not only provide protection to a structure against deterioration, but also provide a reliable surface for plant and equipment, as well as providing designations for walkways or specific areas. Apollo ISD has successfully applied many types of flooring systems... ( Read More... )

Shotcreting and Guniting

As a building material concrete forms the basis of most building projects. Shotcreting and Guniniting are a specialist form of application. The Shotcrete (Drymix or Wetmix) is projected on to the resulting substrate surface. Both methods can be applied to horizontal and vertical facings. Apollo ISD has extensive experience in the application of these processes... ( Read More... )

Injection, Pressure Grouting and Ground Stabilisation

Cracks in reinforced concrete, floorings or masonry construction can be caused due to stresses during curing, vibration, or ground movement. These cracks can lead to water ingress particularly effecting structures such as basements, tunnels, shafts and sewers. Apollo ISD can provide Resin Injection, Pressure Grouting and even Ground Stabilisation services... ( Read More... )

Online Pipe Repair Systems - WTR Agents WalkerTechnical

Insuring the integrity of pipelines, including straights, elbows, tees, flanges, nozzles and reducers is a serious concern for asset protection and safety. TechnowrapTM is a Lloyds registered composite repair system that can extend the life of pipelines, pressure vessels, and tanks, providing the client with time to implement a cost effective maintenance plan... ( Read More... )


Concrete Repairs

Apollo ISD has a dedicated civil crew that can repair all types of concrete defects. Concrete defects are a common problem in this region and there can be many root causes from Construction Defects (Design Failure, Physical Damage, Poor workmanship) to Environmental Effects (Chemical Attack, Carbonation, Alkali-Silika Reaction, Chloride Attack). We aim to provide our clients with a complete solution... ( Read More... )



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