Coatings and Linings


Apollo ISD provides comprehensive maintenance and refurbishment services for a wide range of industrial and civil engineering sectors.

Coatings are essential for protecting assets and ensuring safety; we provide surface preparation, restoration and industrial painting services for structural steelwork, cranes, jetties and other offshore structures as well as tank farms and petrochemical sites. We also have a blasting and coating yard situated in the Salwa Industrial Area (Street 38, Gate 120) which services many of our clients needs.

Apollo ISD specialises in a range of External and Internal Coating Systems and can provide for all kinds of tanks, vessels, structures, and pipeline systems, including underground installations.

Coatings and Linings

We have considerable experience in utilizing a range of coating systems including epoxies, phenolics, glass flake, vinyl polymeric, polyurethanes and zinc silicates.


Metallization of storage vessels and pipelines have also been executed utilizing plasma spray (zinc and aluminium).

Water Proofing

Waterproofing is a highly specialized aspect of building design and maintenance which is beneficial to protect your valuable building assets for decades to come. Waterproofing can best be described as the treatment of a surface or structure in order to prevent water infiltration. By properly waterproofing the below and above grade structure, you not only protect the space and its contents from costly water damage, but you also preserve the structure itself.

Apollo ISD has completed extensive repairs to many key industrial assets and landmarks within Qatar and offers clients a service that ensures results


Apollo ISD has a well-trained and highly experienced workforce which includes NACE certified and BGAS certified inspectors. We can accommodate all of our clients requirements, and strictly adhere to SSPC and NACE standards for surface preparation, installation techniques, inspection and quality control unless otherwise stated

Resinous Flooring

 Floors are an important element of many facilities, they provide:

  • Protection to the structure against deterioration,
  • A reliable surface for the placement of equipment
  • A non-skid surface for safe and efficient movement of personnel and machinery.
  • Clear markings for access and designation purposes

However, if your floors are not up to the task, they can also be a liability requiring frequent repair and maintenance; thereby, resulting in excess cost and downtime. That's why it is so important to choose a contractor that really knows industrial flooring...Apollo Industrial Services Division.

Apollo ISD has over 12 years of experience applying all kinds of flooring from epoxies and polyurethanes to screeds, and has adopted both self-levelling and troweled techniques, in a wide range of available textures and colours. We have the expertise to be able to specify the right material to protect the substrate of your new floor against corrosion, contaminants, or abrasion. We have all the necessary equipment for the proper preparation of the substrate, including; Captive Blast Machine, Grinders, just to name a few.

  • Airport Maintenance Hangers,
  • Shipyard Warehouses,
  • Fire Stations,
  • Car Park floorings
  • Helideck flooring in for offshore Installations

In summary, we can offer you maximum efficiency, minimum downtime, and increased longevity for your floors.

Online Pipe Repair Systems


Apollo ISD is the Sole agent for Technowrap™ Composite repair systems in Qatar, and has completed jobs across the Middle East including Oman and Yemen.

Technowrap™ is a composite repair system. Apollo ISD provide safe, innovative solutions for an extensive customer network in the oil & gas, petrochemical, refinery and power industries here in Qatar and has had unrivalled results over the past 9 years .

Our Technowrap™ product range has Lloyds Register "Type Approval". This range comprises a series of design-engineered repair systems developed to suit a range of conditions. The system utilises composite technology that is internationally recognised and accredited for its outstanding performance.

The Technowrap™ system has been utilised on pipes ranging from 2” to 86” diameter and vessels at pressures up to 250 bar.g with temperatures varying between –40oc to +250oc and is UV resistant.

Apollo has a dedicated and qualified workforce of 15 trained technicians and can provide 24hr emergency response service

The Technowrap™ solution extends the life of the pipe / equipment until essential shutdown maintenance or replacement is programmed. The repair can carry up to a 20 year guarantee when carried out according to the Manufacturers design.

Applications Include

  • Pipelines
  • Valves
  • Flanges
  • Tanks
  • Pressure Vessels

Apollo ISD is now involved in structural repairs using Technowrap™ structural strengthening repair system.

Concrete Repairs

 Apollo ISD have extensive experience providing successful solutions for our customers concrete repair needs. We identify the root cause and then match the best repair method and material, developing a systematic repair program. Apollo Industrial Services Division has a dedicated civil crew who are experienced and adhere to strict quality standards and repair procedures. We deliver the required skill, resources and technical expertise to each concrete repair project. Whether it’s:

  • Shotcrete / Guniting
  • Trowel Applied
  • Structural Repair
  • Structural Strengthening

Our crew are trained applicators and will self-perform many different forms of repair methods. Typical Applications Include:

  • Structural Slabs, Beams, Columns & Piers
  • Equipment Pads
  • Concrete Buildings, Walls & Foundations
  • Parking Structures & Basements
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Sewers
  • Tanks
  • Industrial Floors
  • Retaining Walls
  • Private Villas

Shotcrete and Guniting


Dry-mix shotcrete is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to apply concrete or mortar, for both new construction and repair. Properly applied, it's structurally sound and durable. But it requires specialized knowledge, skill and experience. It's not a job for just any contractor.

Dry-mix shotcrete can be successfully applied on virtually any surface: flat or curved, vertical or sloped, even overhead.

Apollo Industrial Services Division has been successfully applying dry-mix shotcrete since 1995, and this is still the most popular method of application. The setup can be established where access is difficult as equipment can be located up to 1000 feet from the substrate. In most applications this method is more cost effective than wet-mix as it reduces the need for cranes, forms and pumps.


Wet-mix shotcrete involves pumping of a previously prepared concrete, typically ready-mixed concrete, to the nozzle. Compressed air is introduced at the nozzle to impel the mixture onto the receiving surface. The wet-gun procedure generally produces less rebound (waste material that falls to the floor), and dust compared to the dry-mix procedure. The greatest advantage of the wet-mix process is that larger volumes can be placed in less time.

Apollo Industrial Services Division is an experienced applicator of both methods and our projects include but are not limited to:

  • Four Season Hotel Roof Domes (Drymix)
  • Doha North Sewage Pumping Station, PS70 Sump (Wetmix)
  • Doha Zoo, Alligator Pool Area (Drymix)
  • Amonia Storage Tanks, Um Said (Drymix)
  • Doha City Centre Shopping Mall, (Dry Mix)
  • Gas Recycling Project, Dukhan (Drymix

Injection, Pressure Grouting and Ground Stabilisation

Forces exerted on reinforced concrete or masonry construction buildings through initial curing, stress movement, vibration, settlement and often poor construction can lead to formation of cracks or voidage. Inevitably these will lead to water penetration and the selection of the most appropriate injection resin, grout or elastomeric bandage is where our many years of leak sealing experience are crucial.

Historically the defects listed would lead to breaking out and reinstatement or at worst complete removal and reconstruction.

Apollo Industrial Services Division offers clients a number of services each chosen to fit the specific requirements:

  • Pressure Grouting. Both chemical and cementitious grouting is carried out by Apollo ISD for filling structural voids and strengthening foundations.
  • Resin Injection. Cracks in concrete structures can often be repaired using low viscosity epoxy resins, injected under controlled pressure. This method provides a mechanical bond and restores structural integrity.
  • Leak Sealing. A specially developed extension of pressure grouting techniques provides a permanent solution to water leakage into tunnels, basements and other underground structures.

Apollo ISD often utilises these techniques in parallel to concrete repair works as generally these problems are usually inherently related in terms of root cause and end consequence for our clients. Our dedicated crew are trained applicators of a number of major manufacturers and we can offer an unbiased solution to the client’s needs.

Our approach includes:

  • Identification of the root cause
  • Selection of the most appropriate technology
  • Injection/Grout plan
  • Execution and monitoring of the works

Apollo Industrial Services Division is an experienced applicator and our projects include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-Storey Basements
  • Sea water outfall intake channel
  • Storage tanks
  • Newly Constructed Sewage mains
  • Pit repairs